Take my advice, never trust a politician. When a politician tells you they are going to look after your child’s education, its perhaps time to go private – or even to home educate. When a politician tells you they are going to ban guns – expect vast increases in gun crime. When a politician tells you they are going to ban dangerous drugs – watch out for your community being awash with these substances.My heart sinks when politicians get involved in anything. Invariably, they promise the earth, coercively tax you out of your hard earned money, and then they deliver bugger all when you really need the service.

In today’s Europe people pay their taxes but increasingly find they have to go private to get what they want.

It is perhaps in this context that the political body that attempts to centrally plan what NHS patients can and cannot receive in terms of medication and treatment, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence  (popularly knows as NICE), is increasingly known as NASTY – “Not Available So Treat Yourself”.

It was with all of this in mind that I relished this recent article in the Guardian

The really good news is that while NASTY states it is “responsible for providing national guidance on promoting good health and preventing and treating ill health” you know it is again time to get out and go private!

Whatever the case nurses must never get into bed with government and so deny their patients the best available medications and treatments.

In this murderous game of political power, it is time for nurses to stand up for the weak and ill – and to attack NICE.