I don’t often blow my own trumpet but on Tuesday I was awarded my PhD from Brunel University in West London. 

After five years work, the thesis – entitled Power, Politics and Coercion: Notions of Economic Failure in Healthcare Systems – was accepted has being a sound piece of work.

I hope to have it published soon and will keep you posted. At present, there are two publishers interested – one in the US and one in the UK – so I hope it will eventually see the light of day sometime in the spring of 2007.

Now, having read masses about health economics over the last five years, I strongly recommend this excellent and challenging paper by Brian Micklethwait – How and How Not to Demonopolise Medicine.  It is a thought provoking piece that makes for a great read.

Although I might have my PhD don’t worry, I am forever, truly and always a nurse first!