As a national charity that supports those with Alzheimer’s and their carers the Alzheimer’s Society does wonderful work.

Indeed, NFR fully supports their recent campaign to make sure that those with the early stages of this dreadful condition get the latest and best medicines available. It is in the realms of bestial cruelty that patients should have to wait for their condition to get worse before they are entitled to have their medication – and thereby loose its full benefit and in time cost us all more.

As nurses, there is a professional onus on all of us to support the best available treatment and to attack any state body which actively seeks to deny access. This is precisely why elements of this recent campaign are to be welcomed.

Nevertheless, delighted that patients in the independent sector will surely continue to receive the best, NFR demands three things:

  1. Social Engineering. NICE should immediately make open for all to see the formula by which it makes its decisions.
  2. Transparency. NICE should no longer sit in private. Its meetings should be held in open with nothing less than the full glare of the media.
  3. Responsibility. The government should actively encourage those patients and their loved ones who have the money to immediately make provision for these medicines.