Interesting organisation the Council of Deans and Heads of UK University Faculties for Nursing and Health Professionals

Professor Paul Turner, chair of the Council and its Executive Officer, according to the website, reported to the Health Select Committee enquiry into NHS deficits that the number of training places for nurses had been cut after strategic health authorities had been asked to make savings across the Board.

‘This will only have an impact in years to come when there will be fewer places available for training and, as a result, fewer qualified nurses coming into the profession.’ Professor Turner.

Ok, that’s great, I can sleep easy at night safe in the knowledge that in my dotage I’ll be looked after by robotic android nurses straight out of ‘Bladerunner’ fully pre-programmed to cater to my every need, except when they blow a circuit and accidentally decapitate me. Much more efficient way of providing nurses I’m sure.

Apparently the Council’s own figures showed that only 56% of newly qualified nurses had been able to find jobs this year and only 58% of newly qualified midwives had found substantive posts.

‘We don’t know what is happening to these nurses who can’t find jobs, but many of them may be lost to the NHS, which is very worrying.’ Professor Turner.

Yes, very worrying. Why don’t you ask them you ninny?

I’ve requested this survey from the Council (you won’t find it on their website, in fact you won’t find very much at all on their website, it’s an exercise in minimalism, they clearly tell all they know to the Health Select Committee but prefer to leave the rest of us mere mortals in complete ignorance) and I’ll publish it here next week if they send it to me so watch this space. Where have all those wonderful new nurses gone? I hope they have found jobs in the independent or charitable sectors and are being well looked after. Perhaps Nurses for Reform should run a survey on: ‘Where have all the new nurses gone?’.