Predictably, the trade union Unison (not to mention the Royal College of Nursing), has signed up to the Trade Union Congress’s ‘NHS Together’ campaign which opposes further NHS private sector partnerships and privatisation.

Yet, while Unison’s chief comrade, Dave Prentis, tells NHS staff that they “they deserve more than the failed privatisation policies of the past” guess who is simultaneously offering great deals on various forms of independent healthcare?

Perhaps in recognition of the millions of people who signed up to trade unions during the late 1800s when they offered services via friendly societies (and stopped doing so when they resorted to beer and sandwiches at No.10 while defending failed nationalisations) Unison today has a partnership with the private health cash benefits company Medicash. Like BUPA, Nuffield Hospitals and WPA, Medicash is an independent not for profit healthcare organisation. As such, it “pays back over 80 per cent of contributory income every year to members in cash benefits.

What is so good about this is that while in 1948 the government promised that the NHS will “provide all medical, dental and nursing care” free of charge – today the Unison scheme points out that it will help to cover the private costs of:

“expenses incurred for everyday healthcare such as for Optical, Dental and Physiotherapy…”

For an application and more details, call 0845 600 0151 and just ask for the UNISON plan!