In recent days a lot has been made about the on going collapse of NHS dentistry

Exposing the reality that the NHS cannot provide “all medical, dental and nursing care”, as promised in 1948, today’s chair of the British Dental Association – Susie Sanderson – has admitted that the system is now “failing both patients and dentists”. Providing an objective overview of the situation she rightly concludes that: “The future of NHS dentistry is becoming increasingly fragile”.

NFR welcomes this state of affairs and wants to see NHS dentistry totally collapse. We want customers to be angry at how little they are getting for their taxation and we want them to defect to a burgeoning private dental sector.

NFR is appalled at the NHS’s treatment of the poor, the low paid and the socially marginalised. That is why we will go on urging colleagues in the social enterprise sector to develop a range of private low cost alternatives. It is now time for mutuals, friendly societies, trade unions, charities, churches and others players in civil society to stop asking for more tax payers money and to deliver practical solutions for real people in real communities.