On Thursday 14 June 2007 I spoke at a conference hosted by the Galen Institute and the International Policy Network at the National Press Club in Washington DC. My speech warned American opinion formers not to follow an NHS style single-payer healthcare system.

The Galen Institute subsequently provided an overview of the event.

Then on Tuesday 26th June I had a major Opinion-Editorial published in America’s 6th largest newspaper the Chicago Tribune. Condemning Michael Moore’s socialistic movie Sicko.

This piece was in turn followed by a number of supportive letters from readers.

On Wednesday 27th June I had another article published, this time in the Boston Herald.

On Friday 29th June I was quoted by Kurt Loder in his column for MTV 

Given the way these things work and the sheer speed of global communications these days my articles were also picked up by a range of key wire services and blogs. Here is a selection of some of the additional coverage received.

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