Shock, horror! Following decades of British nursing and medical leaders arguing that healthcare is so important it should be beyond monetary consideration we now learn that the Royal College of Nursing is busy sending out ballot papers to English nurses asking if they are ready to go on strike for – yes you have guessed it – MORE PAY!

While on the one hand nurses’ leaders spend much of their time foolishly encouraging the public to accept the bogus idea that healthcare should be devoid of economic consideration and as such it should be ‘free’, on the other, they simultaneously argue that their members should have more pay! Now, am I missing something or is this not a totally incoherent strategy doomed to failure?

If I was leading nurses I would say from the outset that healthcare is not free and nor are nurses. Healthcare is all about money and we are no longer prepared to be the cheap uniformed tarts of vote seeking politicians. I would then push for the complete privatisation and deregulation of all aspects of healthcare and medicine – including the professions.

NFR believes that only by promoting a genuine and diverse private healthcare market will nurses and patients ever get away from the monopoly abuse that is state healthcare.

NFR is open about the fact that healthcare is all about money and that in a genuine market good nurses would be better rewarded for their skill and contribution.

NFR accepts that the NHS is not free and nurses should never debase themselves by repeating such a preposterous and economically illiterate lie. So long as they do, nurses will go on begging and grovelling for a few extra crumbs. If they don’t question the fundamentals of the system they will go on filling in their pathetic, silly little, RCN ballots and getting bugger all in return.