It has become apparent to me during my time working in the NHS and while living in Belgium that many Europeans believe that the American health care system is a free market disaster with people left to die in the street if they have no health insurance. Likewise many Americans see the British and European health care systems as some kind of state provided utopia. The truth is very different in both cases.

As regular readers of this blog and website are aware the NHS could never deliver on its original promises and is developing evermore politicised forms of rationing.

To expose the truth of state provided health care in America I am delighted to be able to announce that NFR is today launching its transatlantic programme.


A group of occasional writers, who have experience of American state health care provision and ambitions , will write for NFR giving frank accounts of their experiences and their concerns about the future direction of health care provision in the United States.

The first article is written by Joe Peacott (left). Joe Peacott is a registered nurse (RN) in the United States of America. He graduated from nursing school in 1979, and worked at the city hospital in Boston for nearly 20 years in various clinical areas: general medicine, general surgery, critical care, public health, ambulatory surgery, urgent care, and hematology/oncology. Since then he worked in hematology/oncology in both Kansas City, Kansas, and Anchorage, Alaska.

Today, he works for a private catholic hospital in an outpatient cancer center, primarily providing cancer chemotherapy/biotherapy infusions and associated education and symptom management, but also giving supportive care with radiotherapy patients.

He graduated from a Newton-Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing in Massachusetts with a diploma and later received a BS degree in nursing from the University of the State of New York. He is certified in the specialties of oncology, infusion, and hospice/palliative nursing.

A libertarian in the historic American individualist anarchist tradition he has been a trades union member in all his nursing jobs. Having been a member of both general labor unions (Service Employees International Union, American Federation of Teachers), he is currently a member of the nurse-only Alaska Nurses Association/United American Nurses. Indeed, he is currently secretary and grievance officer in his local union chapter (branch).

Significantly, over the last three decades Joe has had a number of writings variously published by the UK free market and civil liberties think tank the Libertarian Alliance and in the US journals Total Liberty and The Individual. A highly original and impressive writer he has also had a number of works published under the gloriously named Boston Anarchist Drinking Brigade and Bad Press.

Joe’s first article for NFR is published above.