This facinating article from the Daily Mail reveals that GPs are threatening to leave the NHS in droves because the Government is expecting them to work longer hours.  Apparently, this could cost the patient up to £25 per visit to see their family doctors.

A number of issues are raised by this.  Firstly, if this situation does occur will the goverment reduce taxes accordingly?  More and more these days the tax payer is paying twice for healthcare, education, policing and many other so called public services but their tax bills continue to rise.

Secondly, why would anyone assume that the private sector would impose a uniform cost.  The best thing about this story is that it could lead to some real competition between GPs.  Food does not cost the same in every shop, neither do mobile phones, carpets, sofas etc.  I don’t know how GPs will work or what services they might offer once in the private sector.

One thing I do know though is that some of them will certainly be offering out of ours and weekend services if it means that they can make more money than their rivals!