This story reported in the Sunday Express is music to my ears.  Apparently, the government is looking to the private sector in the form of Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Healthcare to run the much promoted GP ployclinics.

The usual critics are already up in arms complaining that this should not happen and that all the private sector cares about are profits not patients.  They do not understand that to make profits and to be accountable to your shareholders you have to be concerned about your customers/patients and providing a good service.  Let me also point out that we do not live in a world where anyone could honestly say that the NHS is giving a good service to its patients.

I am sure that if Sir Richard Branson were to give 10% of the patients who enter his healthcare clinics infections or between 40 to 60% of them were to end up malnourished, his contract would be immediately terminated.  However, the NHS does this year on year and if the Wendy Savages of this world get their way will continue to do so.

Finally, far from criticizing this  initiative, Andrew Lansley and the Tories should be welcoming it with open arms and telling the public that the government is adopting conservative values and policies by embracing the market.