This report on some suggestions for the NHS to combat “climate change” (let’s leave arguments about that for another day!) beggars belief.

To pick up on just two points.   When we know that, according to the Malnutrition Advisory Council, between 40 and 60% of patients in NHS hospitals are suffering from some degree of malnutrition, why on earth are the Government proposing to remove meat from NHS menus?

Secondly, as many clinicians will know, vast amounts of time and money have been spent by NHS Trusts and PCTs in recent years implementing new decontamination guidance and the promotion of single use equipment to reduce the incidence of Healthcare Acquired Infection (HAI).  Now in the interests of “saving the planet” we are supposed to put lives at risk by going back to sterilising re-usables.

This is just another example of inconsistent nonsense from the Government.