Given the perilous times that we live in with the current economic climate, so ably discussed in this new Institute of Economic Affairs publication, there was a fantastic opportunity for the Royal Collect of Nursing at their congress this week to lead the way in setting the agenda for healthcare during the recovery period given that it is generally accepted that there will have to be sweeping public sector cuts.

However, it seems to me that this was barely mentioned at congress.  There were a couple of debates that seemed to conclude that financial considerations should not sully the waters of patient care, but the RCN once again demonstrated that they have no teeth!

Now is the time for them to lead the way, to recognise that the NHS has never worked, with billions of pounds pumped in to it in recent years patient care and outcomes have got worse and the system is in demise.

Come on RCN ‘smell the coffee’ as they say, embrace the market and lead the way in demanding a better way of providing health care in the UK.