This story from the Daily Mail, is evidence that Government and Politicians never learn from their mistakes and should not be left in charge of health care. It is a report that despite a lovely new contract and a bonus filled salary scheme for the doctors, patient care is no better.  Apparently, once General Practitioners have met their targets of signing up enough patients to be paid the full bonus amount they do nothing further to enhance or improve their patient’s health.

This Government obviously does not remember that in 1948, following a long stand off with the British Medical Association, Nye Bevan was forced, at the last moment, to “stuff their [the doctors] mouths with gold” to ensure that the plans for the new NHS became reality.  The medical profession had put the Government in position where improved patient care was not guaranteed  but the medical profession was financially better off what ever the outcomes.

Surely, it is time for the Government to realise that it cannot continue in this vein?  It has failed time and time again in trying to improve health systems.  It is now time to try something different, and surely it is the turn of the free market?