More than sixty years on from the establishment of the NHS, members of the medical profession yet again are demanding that their ‘mouths are stuffed with gold’.

This time it is the General Practitioners who, during the ‘flu pandemic, want to make sure that they have their cake and eat it.  Not only are they refusing to give the UK population ‘flu vaccinations unless there are extra payments made by Government, they also want guarantees  that they will not lose their performance related payments if they have to cancel routine health checks and clinics due to the pandemic.

I could not put it any better than Matthew Elliott from the Tax Payers Alliance who has said;

Most ordinary taxpayers who are concerned for their health in the midst of the swine ‘flu epidemic will see this behaviour as greedy and inappropriate.  

GPs are trying to have it both ways: if they are cutting other work to treat swine flu, they can’t expect to be paid more.

Vaccinating patients against illness is a core part of GPs’ duties, and they should be getting their heads down and tackling the epidemic, instead of obsessing about their pay packets.