I am so fed up with reading negative headlines about  drug companies making profits from swine flu in the UKs National Press.  The Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph seem to have the biggest hang ups about this.

So let’s get a couple of things clear.  First, scientists and drug companies invest vast amounts of money in the development of drugs, it costs them a fortune.  If they don’t make a profit they will not have the incentive or funding to go on to make more scientific discoveries and new products in the future.  The media have to accept this and get over it!

Second, and in my opinion, far more importantly, almost everyone involved professionally in the flu pandemic (or in fact any aspect of health care) will make a profit from it.  Every Doctor, Nurse, Physiotherapist, Social Worker, Porter, Cleaner, Occupational Therapist, Pharmacist and Hospital Manager will earn money from carrying out their jobs, i.e. they will make a profit.  As too will every journalist who has one of these ridiculous stories published, as I doubt very much that they are submitting their copy out of pure altruism!