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5 Responses to “Contact NFR”

  1. Juliette Says:

    Dear NFR,

    I am a bit confused as to why you have chosen to launch your campaign. If you have such a valid cause, are registered nurses and have the support of other nurses, why don’t you try to influence the agenda of the RCN or UNISON from within, between them they represent the vast majority of nurses in the UK and have much more political influence than a website.

    I also find your policy not to support NICE rather at odds with some of your political ideologies expressed elsewhere on your website. You criticise trade unions and professional bodies for for asking taxpayers for more money, yet you wish to deny the NHS and taxpayers the clear benefits and protection that NICE provides from drug companies trying to charge the NHS large costs for drugs of little clinical benefit.

    Are you an independent organisation or are you affilliated/funded by health insurance/ drug companies/political party? Do you publish who funds you, will you publish comments from vistors to your website?

    I am rather concerned that you can use the name ‘nurse’ in your title, when you clearly do not represent the broad views of most nurses.

    Perhaps also NFR is a rather insensitive title, better known as ‘Not for Resuscitation’ unless this is how you see the UK NHS?

  2. Bob Deed Says:

    I welcome your blog.

    I don’t agree with quite a lot you say – but it is interesting and challenging to see a professional perspective that supports change and sees it in the interests of the customer (patients and their communities).

    I have no problem with your title – as long as you are nurses! If you want to work through RCN and UNISON, good; if you don’t, you still have every right (and maybe duty) to contribute to this vital public policy debate.

  3. GEMcClane, M.D Says:

    test e-mail

  4. Sam Mela Says:

    Hello. I am trying to write an article about the “Ten Most Dangerous Mental Hospitals in the United States”. Nurses are particularly sensitive to this sort of thing and I would very much appreciate your tips. Please send to SSMela@gmail.com or pass this request along to your colleagues. Thank you very much.

  5. Martyn Says:

    Hi Helen

    I have enclosed a copy of my letter to the Society for Individual Freedom.

    PLease study the sevction on Perceptual Clusters which will inform you why so many key decsion makers cannot make safe decisions.

    My Kindest Regards


    Counsellor with Applied Psychology

    22 March 2008

    Society for Individual Freedom
    PO Box 744
    BR1 4WG

    Dear Sir or Madam

    Re: Can you advise please?

    Jobcentre Plus Benefit Fraud Investigation Officers have been armed with unquestionable powers and appear to be unaccountable to anyone, including their employers.

    The officers have the authority to:

    Make unannounced visits to elderly and very unwell OAP’s in their homes, use manipulation and intimidating behaviour designed to cause distress and fear, in order to gain information about innocent people and to bring emotional and psychological pressure to bear on relations and friends of the OAP‘s. In reality the BFI’S use the OAPs and other people, as punch bags and tools of emotional duress in order to cause the suspect of Benefit Fraud undue distress, in order to force the suspect to make a false confession or retaliate with force, which automatically makes the suspect guilty of one or more criminal offences.

    The officers do not have to inform an suspect of what it is they are suspected of

    The officers are allowed to intercept and access a person’s post at the main post office prior to delivery and it appears withhold items, which isolates the suspect from having an defence

    The officers are allowed to access electronic and tele communications

    The officers are allowed to access bank, and other financial accounts and documents

    The Officers are allowed to use constriction by:

    Preventing access to all relevant information, to prevent the suspect from knowing what is happening and what will happen to them

    The officers do not have to be transparent about their activities

    The officers can prevent Benefit Payments from being made

    The officers can prevent the suspect from retaining employment

    The officers can preventing the suspect from obtaining employment, self employment or a means of income

    The officers can prevent the suspect from obtaining benefit and sick payments

    They can guide independent authorities and utility providers to place pressures on the suspect to increase financial, emotional and psychological pressures

    The officers can use observation interference of privacy and intimidation

    The officers can intimidate friends and family of the suspect to place additional emotional and psychological pressure on the suspect

    The officers can without warning intimidate, use misinformation and question anyone about the suspect, revealing confidential information about the suspect, indicating that the suspect is a criminal and make the suspect appear to be a criminal, which manipulates the person being questioned to provide influenced inaccurate information, often under unconscious duress

    The law relating to benefit fraud suspects also prevents members of the CAB, MP’s, The Independent Case Examiner and the Ombudsman from investigating complaints concerning Benefit Fraud Investigators, prevents legal advisors from having access to relevant information and prevents all parties from accessing Data Protection Act Information to ensure that the suspect has no immediate means of defence.

    Benefit Fraud Suspects are placed under such unfair, emotional and psychological pressure that they are often forced to accept false and misleading information laid against them.

    The unfair, emotional and psychological pressure is designed to place the suspects body and mind under stress. The suspects body and mind is then adversely chemically altered. It becomes a body awash in hormones and other substances that are normally kept under tight control. In the right proportions, hormones such as catecholamines – including dopamine, epinephrine ( adrenaline) and noradrenaline glucocortoids such as dehydroepiandrogens ( DHEA) keep our bodies healthy. But too much or too little of these substances and they become a form of slow poison, leading to a staggering list of stress-related disorders, long term depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, suicide or triggers the fight back self defence mechanism which can in extreme cases guide the victim to kill or massacre any one, any where, at any time, via a unconscious nervous reaction created by fear of not being able to protect their loved ones or themselves.

    The Benefit Fraud Investigation Service has been equipped with lethal, unnecessary and unfair powers, which is destroying individuals, families, communities and creating class hate by making it look as-if benefit fraud suspects are proven criminals, are guilty and even dangerous. When in reality if the person has committed benefit fraud, the act could have been committed out of fear, the need to survive, the need to help another person, ignorance, a genuine mistake and issues relating to mental health. Very few acts of benefit fraud are committed out of pure greed!!!!, Most acts of benefit fraud are acts of survival or love and need to help another person.

    Benefit Fraud Legislation appears to have been taken from the Anti Terrorism Act and could be exempt from going before the European Court on Human Rights. Benefit Fraud Investigators are able to block communications between the European Court on Human Rights and the Benefit Fraud Suspect.

    The persons who created and implemented the Benefit Fraud Legislation where uninformed and unfit for purpose, proven by the fact they have not implemented any form of healthy emotional intelligence, (healthy emotional intelligence is where difficulties are attempted to be resolved by seeking to find remedies which resolve the issues whilst helping the suspect or victim to overcome the difficulty which caused them to create a potential problem, most cases of benefit fraud are acts of desperation, not greed motivated crimes, which is why punishment is never a solution) into the legislation and have not provided any safe guards to ensure that risk assessments are carried out by an independent body prior to commencing the investigation and the acts of constriction.

    People who are vulnerable, people who are suffering emotional and or psychological health problems and people in desperate situations have no protection or defence from the intentional acts-of-harm, with knowledge and ability to cause loss-of-life.

    Perceptual Clusters and Perceptual Hierarchies

    Every person is born with an individual perceiving and learning code, similar to a finger print. There are similar sets of perceiving and learning codes, it appears as-if many public service employees have been selected because they have codes in the grouping AVK and AKV, people with theses codes have the ability to represent themselves well, they are self serving and gratification seeking, they have the ability to work to and obtain positions of power. They often gravitate to Public Service Employment.

    Unfortunately people with the AVK and AKV codes have inborn reduced levels of emotional sensitivity, their emotional sensitivity is further reduced if they have been subjected to any form of emotional abandonment during child hood. A person with reduced sensitivity has no emotional radar with which to know how their instructions or actions will cause harm to another person. Their train of thought can be on the level of rape is just a sexual act, to cause injustice and suffering is something which has to be done to influence their position and personal gains, there is no feelings of concern or remorse!

    Because many key decision making public servants have the AVK and AKV codes often combined with EAD, via positive transference they seek to employ people with similar codes and at times EAD, the desire to employ similar people creates perceptual clusters and the perceptual clusters creates perceptual hierarchies, which means that many public servants and key decision makers have no emotional awareness, they have no emotional means of knowing how their instructions and actions will cause individual and multiple acts-of-harm and within the clusters and hierarchies there is no diversification of thought, so if laws are made by people who fall within the AVK and AKV perceptual code group, with or without EAD, emotional intelligence will be void and the irresponsible, contaminated and life destroying laws will be passed into law and then, often, given to enforce, to people who also have AVK and AKV perceptual codes with or without EAD, who have no means of understanding that it is wrong to cause undue suffering to innocent people.

    Through the use of perceptual clusters and perceptual hierarchies SOCIAL PSYCHOPATHS have been recruited to act as Benefit Fraud Investigators, Social Psychopaths are equal to paedophiles , they are very capable of concealing themselves in the community and work place, their inner desire is to cause suffering and even loss-of-life to other people by acting through lawful obstacles and other people, hence they are able to obtain gratification without revealing their true intention and whilst seemingly doing their job.

    To place one or more Social Psychopaths in positions of unquestionable and unaccountable power, is an act of gross incompetence and even murder.

    Please inform myself of if there is any way to stop Benefit Fraud Investigators causing undue emotional and psychological harm to members of the public?

    Please inform me as to how a pubic inquiry can be instigated to have the relevant changes made to the law to make the law safe and to protect all people as equals?

    Please inform me of how the people responsible for creating and implementing the Benefit Fraud laws can be brought to justice for their negligence, intent to cause harm, their failure to ensure that healthy emotional intelligence was incorporated into the Benefit Fraud Investigation Laws and their failure to ensure that no safety mechanisms were incorporated into the Benefit Fraud Investigation laws to ensure that all people where subject to an independent risk assessment, would be allowed total transparency of all information and activities and that every person had the immediate right to seek professional assistance and not be subjected to health damaging emotional and psychological duress or stress which leads to so many mental, emotional and physical long term illnesses and can place people in a position where they have a nervous breakdown, or feel that their only option is to commit suicide or physically fight to the death.

    If you investigate the European Convention on Human Rights, you will note that the powers given to Benefit Fraud Investigators repeatedly break the protocols of the Convention on Human Rights.

    If Benefit Fraud Investigators are allowed to intentionally inflict emotional, psychological and physical suffering and injury into innocent people and the defective laws are allowed to remain in place, the laws will for certain be extended to other groups of vulnerable people and the wider population, until the majority of good people will be at risk of loss of privacy, security and life.

    The currently seemingly well concealed misuse of law and power has to be stopped before it spreads its disease contaminating and killing mass numbers of innocent people.

    I look forward to your early reply.

    Yours sincerely

    Martyn Skynne

    Professional Counsellor with Applied Psychology

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